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One Stop Phone Shop

Contact Details:

OSS Retails Ltd
102-104 Aditya Industrial Estate
Evershine Road

022 4208 4208

Direct One Stop Phone Shop Website:

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Tammy Hughes

I found my experience with the One Stop Phone Shop to be really good and they were incredibly helpful in every aspect of my enquiry from start to finish.

I had already been a customer for the past eighteen months so wanted to negotiate my new contract with them which they were more than happy to do and i ended up with a very good deal which is always nice.

Great phone shop with great staff so I would recommend.

Faye Green

I have been a customer of the One Stop Phone Shop for the past few months and have always found them to be extremely proficient in what they do and the service they provide.

When I first took on their service I was given a free Apple IPhone 3g as well as getting 200 UK minutes, 1000 texts and unlimited data and all for a £26 a month contract which I thought was fantastic.

My connection is always very good indeed and they made sure I got what I needed straight away after my order.

Having tried many different mobile phone vendors over the years I can happily say that the One Stop Phone Shop are my favourite out of the lot and I would certainly recommend.

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