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Lynn Jacobs

After suffering with my old mobile phone for the past twelve months whilst I was seeing out my contract I was eventually due for an upgrade which was a godsend to me as I was having so many problems with signal quality in my area for some months which I thought down to my supplier rather than the phone.

I decided to upgrade at a HTC phone as they had been recommended to me by several friends and after reading countless reviews on their phones.

I managed to get the phone by only paying a £30 upgrade fee which I thought was fantastic and since I have had the phone my signal has improved so much from one single bar to four which is incredible.

The features on the phone are also very very good and it has a much larger memory capacity than my old one which is great for storing photos and music.

The headphones that came with my phone are tremendous and have such crystal clear sound quality and are extremely loud also.

I am so happy with this phone I have decided to write this review to help others enjoy it like I have.

I hope this helps you choose HTC in the future.

Simon Almond

After many years being stuck with what I would call the useless IPhone I decided that once my contract was up that I would definitely be getting a different phone this time so when it was up I checked out all of the latest phones.

After careful deliberation I decided to go with the HTC One V mobile phone as from what I saw at the shop it was a very slick and powerful phone and would suit me perfectly. From the moment I received it I was extremely impressed by how quick it was and how many functions were actually included with it and it did not take long to win me over.

The screen is much clearer than the IPhone and also the digital camera that is built in is far superior to the IPhone. Another great bonus has been the speed of the internet connection when I am on 3G as it is virtually as good as when I am on my WI-FI connection which is incredible. After three months of having this phone I do not know how I survived without it and would definitely not go back to what I previously had, NO WAY!

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