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Mr Jarton

Blackberry are a fantastic brand, I have never looked back since buying my Blackberry Touch.

As I have not had any hardware problems with the Blackberry brand, I just had to share my experience with other consumers.

If you are considering a new mobile phone, I highly recommend that you take a look at The Blackberry range of phones.

Michelle Keegan

My Blackberry Phone Review

I was recommended by a friend to get a Blackberry and I’ve not been off it since i brought one! I’ve had it for over a year now and i’ve never been so satisfied with a mobile
phone, so much to do on the mobile.

One of many good things about the Blackberry is that anyone else who owns a Blackberry have a thing called Blackberry Messenger, where you can send pictures, videos, music and many other things to anyone else who has a Blackberry , free of charge!

I was really impressed when i found this out, as i love to send music and files to all my friends. The Blackberry is the best phone i’ve ever purchased! such a good buy, would recommend a Blackberry phone to anyone!

Don’t miss out!

Miss Fortune

Blackberry sure know how to make a great mobile phone.

I have been using the traditional Blackberry Curve for several years, with no problems at all, in fact it has been the best mobile phone I have ever purchased.

Recently I was offered a great package with Vodafone, of which included the new Blackberry phone. I wasnt sure at first, as the new phone had a touchscreen, of which I was not used to using and was hesitant at first.

Boy was I mistaken, the phone is absolutely fantastic, with many more features and applications that I could ever wish for. I really am very impressed with the Blackberry phones and wanted to make the world see, just how much I love them.

Well done Blackberry, another satisfied customer.

John Bridge

I have been a loyal supporter of Blackberry for ages as every phone I have had off them has been fantastic.

I am currently using a Blackberry Torch and have found it to be very good indeed and I particularly like the Blackberry messenger and Pin services they offer.

I had a little bit of trouble with the signal quality when I first got this new phone but as soon as I updated the firmware it was fine ever since.

Absolutely phenomenal all round.

Lynn Williams

I have had my Blackberry Torch phone now for just shy of eighteen months and have been so impressed by the quality and service it gives me that I definitely will be getting another model once my contract is up.

The phone is excellent in many ways apart from the obvious stylish look and it is so much more than a good looking phone. The camera on the phone is just as good as my digital camera and it is so easy to transfer photos to my computer using either the cable provided or the blue tooth facility.

The screen on the phone is also very good and all of the images it displays are absolutely perfect in quality and colour.

The best feature on the phone for me is the internet browsing facility as it is so much quicker than my boyfriends IPhone. I can connect quickly to the internet be it on my WI-FI connection at home or via the 3G connection when I am out and about and each method is really much quicker than the IPhone.

I cannot recommend Blackberry phones enough and I will definitely be a returning customer for a long time.

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