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Alison La Conte

I got myself a new memory car from my local Jessops store and it has done the job perfectly.

The staff in the shop were very good at helping me as when I went in there I did not have a clue what I needed so I took my whole camera with me just to make sure but they knew straight away.

The price of the item was very good also as I got an 8gb memory card for £23.96 which I thought was very good for this size.

I would return to Jessops without a second thought and am very satisfied with their service.


Tom Burns

I was after a new camera for my holiday and did not have time to go shopping in town as was attempting to cram as much work in as I could so I would have more spending money.

I found the Jessops website on my search engine and found them to be very well priced and they had the perfect camera for me which a Sony Cyber-shot silver digital camera which I got for £89.99.

The camera is very good quality and well worth the money and it has been perfect for me even after my holiday, was nice to get good pictures for a change.

Very happy with my Jessops experience and would definitely shop there again.

Glen Richards

Item I would like to review – Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 Compact Camera – £279.95

I am very very happy with the new camera I have purchased from Jessops as it has given me some of the best holiday photos I could ever have wished for.

The camera features all the mod cons that you would expect from a new digital camera such as still photos and video recording and each method is of such a high quality it is unbelievable. The camera is very light considering its size and easy to transport and when you have the carry cable around you shoulder or neck you can hardly tell it is there which was a nice bonus.

I hope I have this camera for many years as I dont think I could get any better for the price I paid and would highly recommend Jessops to all.

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