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Magic 105.4
Mappin House
4 Winsley Street

0207 182 8000

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Sarah Conner

Magic FM

Magic is my favourite radio station ever! Always got the classic tunes on from back in the day! Always got Magic on, can’t get enough of it!

I really can’t knock Magic, never had a day go by where i’ve swtiched it off! Always nice to chill out after work and put on a bit of Magic to make my day better. It’s almost like Magic read my mind and put all the music i like on like Elton John! Highly recommend anyone who likes good music listen to Magic, top notch tunes! 10/10

Peter Bollinger

Thought I would leave a quick review on how much I love the Magic music channel so hopefully many other people can enjoy it just as much as me.

As I am retired now after a hard lifes worth of work I enjoy nothing more than sitting in my garden with my cats listening to music and after trying out all of the channels that are available I have found that the Magic channel far superior than its competitors as they seem to play all the music I love.

I advise you all to tune into Magic and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as me.

Thanks for listening.

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