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Carl Thomas

I required an additional router for my house as my standard one was struggling to provide a wireless connection due to the fact we had extensive installation and the router was set quite far from where my office is and it was becoming a real problem for me.

I visited my local Maplin store as I have used them before and found them to be very good and have always got what I needed at a fair price.

I found the router I thought was best which was a Billion wireless broadband router which was priced at £89.99 and then took it home and installed it.

It was very easy to install and set up and ever since I have had it I have had no problem with connection at all and it has been a real godsend for me.

Very happy with my purchase, the price and the service and would definitely return in the future.

Luke Walker

I recently purchased a home cctv kit from Maplins as we had been having some trouble with local youths and had our car vandalised two weeks ago so we wanted a little more security at our home. I visited my local Maplins store with absolutely no knowledge of how these things work or anything so was very dependent on the advice that would be given to me by the staff.

I entered the store and was immediately met by a member of staff who was very polite and helpful who asked me if he could do anything to assist me. I told him my situation and what I thought I needed and he was very quick to take me to the section of the store which had these products in. We viewed all of the products and then he advised me for what I need I should purchase the 1TB 8CH Security Recording System with LCD Monitor and Cameras with Smartphone Viewing. I was a little bit set aback by the item and queried if it was easy to set up and install and he quickly replied that he would show me the basic way to install and set up the cameras.

I was very impressed that he actually spent thirty odd minutes showing me exactly how to do all I needed to know and I left the store very happy indeed. When I returned home I proceeded to do exactly what he told me and within the space of three hours I had successfully installed my home security system. When I first switched it on I was amazed by how good the quality of the system was and the level of detail I could see the pictures from outside, it was truly marvellous. We have had no problems whatsoever since we have installed the system as it seems to act as a deterrent now as the cameras are in plain view for all to see.

It is so nice to go to sleep at night now without the added worry of the security of our home and I cannot thank the staff at Maplins for all their help. they were absolutely fantastic.

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