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Anita Higginbottom

We required a new fridge for our new home as our old one had seen its best days so we set about going to our local Dixons store as we had many great items from them in the past and have found their service to be excellent.

Once we got to the store and after some considerable deliberation we decided to buy a DAEWOO American Style fridge freezer which cost us £499.99 which was not a bad price at all considering its size and quality.

We arranged delivery to our home which cost us £15 which we did not mind paying and arranged delivery for the following week. The fridge freezer arrived and the helpful delivery men even put it in our kitchen for us which was nice and it was very simple to set up.

We have had the fridge freezer now for around four months and have found it to be very very good and is by far has the most chilled fridge setting I have ever seen, honestly when we get a can of coke from the fridge it feels like it has just come out of the freezer it is great especially if we have a hot summer this year.

My experience of Dixons is that they are tremendous all round and I would certainly recommend them to everyone without fail.

Brilliant stuff once again Dixons thank you so much.

Andy Jones

I was in the middle of printing a load of invoices off for my clients when my printer just packed in and stopped working which for me was an absolute nightmare. I quickly got in the car and hit the first electrical store i saw in the town which happened to be Dixons.

I walked into the store and browsed the printers they had and chose one and then called over a member of staff to ask him to get me one. He said no problem and then went off to the stock room and was in there for about five minutes.

When he returned he told me that the printer was out of stock at the moment and apologised that it had not been taken off the shelf and as an apology he offered me the next printer up in the series which was the Hewlett Packard Officejet 100 and told me that he would sell me this printer for the same price as the one I had initially chosen which was great as the new printer was valued at £24 more than the one I had chosen.

I thought this was exceptional from the staff at Dixons and I am extremely happy with the printer and it is still going strong now. Brilliant job by the Dixons team. thank you very much.

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