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Wilfred Graham

I have been buying books for Waterstones for many years and have always found them to be very efficient in ever way and I have never had any type of problem with anything I have purchased from them.

I find their prices to be very competitive and their selection is phenomenal.

I would definitely recommend Waterstones to all you book worms like me as they are fantastic.

Mr Owen

Having visited my local Waterstones store to buy a new autobiography I feel like I have found the perfect book so thought I would write a small review of my whole experience of the shop and the book.

I visited my local store and was having some trouble finding the book I was after which was Steve Jobs and autobiography so I called over a member of staff who immediately helped me find what I was after and was very helpful. The price I paid for the book was slightly cheaper than other stores I had seen it in which again was a great bonus.

The book itself was incredibly entertaining and kept me enthralled for many hours as Steve Jobs for me was one of the most interesting people. The book gives great detail of his life and many of his secrets that had never been revealed before which was very good.

I would highly recommend both the book and the store as they both made me a very happy bunny.

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