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Dial A Phone

Contact Details:

Dial A Phone Ltd
Ore Close
Lymdale Business Park
Newcastle Under Lyme

0844 481 5866

Direct Dial A Phone Website:

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James Nelson

I have been a Dial A Phone customer for about a year or so and have been very happy with the all round service I have had from them as I have had no problems whatsoever with my phone or my calls so I am very happy.

When I joined I got a free IPhone and six hundred minutes call time, unlimited texts and 500mb data usage for £24.99 a month and it has been more than enough.

I would recommend Dial A Phone as they have been great for me.

Craig Dempsey

I have been a loyal Dial A Phone customer for many years now and would like to explain to you all exactly why I have stuck with this company over their competition. Out of all the mobile phone providers I have known or heard about Dial A Phone have some of the best customer services of all of them and are extremely helpful when you require information or help.

I once dropped my phone in the bath (dont ask how) and was very upset but I remembered the guy in the store really pushing me to take on the insurance that is sold with the phone so eventually I gave in and took him up on his offer. I was so glad that I had as I reported what had happened and the member of staff I spoke to was very helpful and filled me with confidence and within 48 hours I received a brand new phone through the post which I thought was exceptional service.

Another reason I would advise you to sign up to Dial A Phone is that they have some of the most competitive tariffs on the market and I pay much less than any of my friends who have gone with other providers.

All I would say is I hope you take my word for it that this company are the best in the UK and at least check them out if you are thinking of renewing your mobile phone contract.

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