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Lee Wilkes

I have been a Phones 4 U customer for the past three contracts so around four and a half years give or take and have found them to be very professional and provide an brilliant service.

My latest upgrade was from a Blackberry Curve to an IPhone and found the whole process very simple indeed.

All I needed to do was contact there customer service number and explain I was due to be renewed and told them the phone I wanted and the tariff and they completed my order in a matter of minutes and I had my new phone at the door within a couple of days which was great.

I did not even have to change my number which is very advantageous and I am completely satisfied all round with every aspect of the transaction.

Very professional company who do their best to help you as much as they can.

Top marks

Gary Soaper

I finally decided to do away with my pay as you go mobile phone which I had been using for quite a few years as it was getting rather tatty and was becoming less and less reliable. Once I had decided this I asked my son where he had got his mobile phone contract from and he told me he used Phones4U so I decided I would do the same.

The very next day I paid a visit to the local store on our high street and enquired about applying for a contract phone. The staff member who helped me who I believe was called Gary like myself was very helpful and showed me the range of phones they had available and explained the costs and tariffs to me.

Once I had decided exactly what I wanted I signed my life away to the contract and was given my brand new Blackberry Storm 2 mobile phone on the Vodafone network. Ever since I have had the phone I have been so happy by its performance and it has become my new best friend and never lets my down like my previous phone and it is such a great relief to be able to call people at any time without having to worry about calling credit.

Overall I found the service provided by Phones4U excellent and they have done me proud and I will definitely be going back to them again when my contract is up.

Great job phones4U, Keep up the good work.

Gary S

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