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Wow wow wow, so I’m not the only one to be scammed with the £175 cash trade in your old mobile for a Google pixel 7 deal. SHAME on you carphone warehouse, as I have 2 contracts running now as the £175 was suppose to pay off the other contract.
My story, seen the deal above, looked at the terms and conditions which stated at the time and I have also taken screen shots of them, “trade in for £175 with a working or non-working mobile”. I contacted CPW and went through the terms and conditions and would my phone be ok to trade in and they said yes. So, went ahead with the deal. When processing the only option I had when trading in my phone under “trade in” was “recycle”, now I wasn’t really bothered about getting any money for the mobile, it was mainly the £175. Everything went smoothly and the computer did not stop me to say my phone was ineligible, as remember from the T&C’s it was any working or non-working phone. Anyway 6 weeks later after several calls to CPW I spoke to them today only to be told that I am not going to get my £175 as the phone was worth £0 and was ineligible. I was almost crying, I felt conned and taken for a fool. I have since been to Thier website and looked at there T&C’s as they still have the deal running and can see it’s been amended. It’s lucky I took a photo of the originals and I have the phone logs, times and dates when I called to enquire. I have put in a complaint after customer services couldn’t help to the, I am not expecting a lot but I am going to fight tooth and nail for my money even if it means going to a small claims court, I did everything I could and by the book with Thier T&Cs, surely all the bad press just shows how bad things are CPW, make a men’s and sort things out and when people make contact respect them and the deals you have made. Don’t take customers for fools.

Just got a call back from complaints team, a person called Iviwe (they don’t give surnames) who informed me that they are going to not pay me the promotional value, even though they acknowledge the terms and conditions of working or non-working phone. AVOID AT ALL COSTS, they will rip you off. I am going to a small claims court for this.

Brian Klouse

My Carphone Warehouse Review

I have been using carphone warehouse for years and the reason i always go back to them each time my contract expires is that they always give me the best service I could ask for and for this I am very grateful.

There have been a handful of occasions over the past few years I have experienced problems with my phone or network and called the customer services team and every time they have bent over backwards to help me resolve the issue I am ringing about. I have found their staff to be very competent and helpful and always try to find an answer for you even if they do not know themselves which is invaluable to say the least when you are having problems.

The selection of phones they offer is also great as they have all the latest models readily available so there is no need to spend ages waiting for a new phone. I cant recommend this company enough and as far as I am concered carphone Warehouse are great.

Barry Hughes

I have just signed up with Vodafone through the Carphone Warehouse and I have to say the whole process was very easy and not stressful in any way,

I went into my local Carphone Warehouse store and spoke to a very helpful member of staff who explained the various packages to me and what phones go with what and so on which took about 30mins until I had decided what phone and package I wanted.

Once I had done this I filled in a contract form and authorized and credit check and so on, just the formalities and once this was done I was given my phone and all my details etc and I was off.

I decided to get the new Blackberry Curve and the phone is great and has an excellent signal and the internet is quick both on my wifi or on 3g.

If you are looking to change provider or get a contract mobile I would recommend the Carphone Warehouse to you as they are great.

Liz Hinton

I had my children trying to talk me into getting myself a mobile phone for months even though I said I would never get one but eventually I swallowed my pride and decided to arrange one for myself.

I went down the high street to my local Carphone Warehouse store and asked the gentleman who was working in their what my options were as I was pretty useless on deciding things like this. He was very helpful and took me around the store showing me the various mobile phones that they had to offer and I immediately took a liking an Android Sensation XL phone even though the prospect of using it was very daunting to me.

He told me about all of the functions on the phone and seemed very knowledgeable about all of its abilities which was very reassuring to me. We then proceeded to arrange my application and within ten minutes I was the proud new owner of my own mobile phone. The gentleman even set up the phone for me in the shop which was a great advantage to me and just mentioned I should leave it on charge for up to twelve hours when I returned home. Since having the phone I have noticed just how essential that they can be in the modern day and I hate to say it but I dont know where I would be without it anymore.

The whole experience has been a pleasure and I am so thankful to the Carphone Warehouse for helping a lady in her quest to become more current. I owe you so much, thank you

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