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Paul Rollings

After being a customer of Vodafone for many years I had increasingly been becoming more and more disheartened by the service coverage in my area as gradually it had been getting worse and worse and it got to the stage I was just not receiving any calls while I was at my home address as I could never get a signal.

So with the thought in my mind to change provider I started to view all of the deals that were available for me. After hours of considering my options I decided to change my provider to O2 as I thought they had the best offers available and I know my friends who uses them also gets an excellent signal wherever he is in our area. So I signed up, chose my phone and then went home to try it out, I would like to add the staff in the store were very helpful and got me a much better deal than I had had on Vodafone.

When I got home I put my phones together and did all the set up requirements and to my great satisfaction I had four bars on the signal of my phone where previously I didnt have any. I am so happy with the service that has been provided to me and I cannot stress enough how good O2 are as they really have made my day.

I am once again a happy camper.


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