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Vince Hill

After many years of driving various different makes of car I decided to treat myself and the wife to a new car as we had only ever been able to afford second hand cars up until now and have had some bad experiences with buy these.

With this in mind I had always liked MG as a company as have known many people who have had their cars and have raved about them for being such high quality so I set about looking for my local MG dealer.

Once I had located one I visited the showroom and immediately say an MG6 GT car which I really liked the look of an was priced well within our price range as it was priced at £15,500 which I thought was excellent for a car of this quality.

The salesman was very helpful and was not as pushy as many others I had dealt with in the past which was a refreshing change and he arranged everything for us and with the hour I was the proud owner of a new MG.

The car itself is absolutely phenomenal and is so luxurious and of high quality that we are both so happy with our purchase.

It is very economical on fuel also as I can now get in excess of four hundred miles per tank of unleaded which again is excellent value.

All round this has been a great experience for us and I would highly recommend MG to all who are looking for a reliable and really lovely car.

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