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Jack Hugo

I have been buying the Mitsubishi brand for over a decade, and highly recommend them to everyone. Great Customer Card and above all a trusted and reliable vehicle.

I have never broken down, never had to return the car for a recall of any kind in the last 10 years, now in this day and age, that is rare.

Top Brand, Top Price

Ray Gage

Last year I found myself in the market for a new 4×4 car as I was planning on doing a lot of outdoor activities with my two young boys so thought I would need something a bit more sturdy for our mountain treks and what have you. After doing a bit of research and reading endless reviews of the products I liked I finally decided to go for a new Mitsubishi Shogun as it seemed to be exactly what I needed and the reviews it has had were really really good.

I got the car for a fairly good price which was £39,000 and I can honestly say it is worth every penny. Since I have had the car I have had no problems whatsoever and it has worked like a dream for me and I have really challenged it on some of the terrain I have encountered. The interior of the car is again excellent and it features all the mod cons as well as a host of extras that are more than worth the money.

The built in sat nav system is remarkable and is one of the best I have ever used and gets me to where I need to go without taking the wrong turns and redirecting which for those of you who have a sat nav know is a real pain. The car is also very spacious and fits five people plus all my camping gear in the rear which is a lot in itself which again is brilliant as I no longer need to have a roof rack fitted.

I would highly recommend this car to all who need a little more power for those mountain drives or camping excursions and I will put my life on it that you will not be disappointed in the slightest.

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