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David Kennedy

I have just purchased a Nissan Leaf three weeks ago and would like to share my experience of just how nice these cars really are. I got the brand new and did not pay as much as I had expected to for such a high quality car which was a very nice touch and the car was not that expensive to insure either which was another added bonus.

The car itself has one of the best interiors I have ever had in a car and the seats are so comfortable that you could actually fall asleep in them which obviously isnt the best thing to do but is nice to know I could have a nap while waiting for the wife whilst she is shopping. The car is also very economical on fuel as I seem to get around five hundred miles to the tank which is a good eighty miles more than my previous car.

I really also like the parking sensors that the car has as at my age I am increasingly finding it harder to turn around when reversing so the buzzer system works really well for me. Overall I think this new Nissan is one of the best cars I have ever had and would recommend anyone who is thinking of buying a new car to go to their local dealer for a test drive.

You wont be disappointed.

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