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Steven Knowles

I would like to give you a review on a Porsche car that I purchased a few months back as I feel it may help you when you are deciding whether or not to buy one yourself.

I purchased a Porsche Cayenne from my local dealer which only had five thousand miles on the clock and was in very good condition. First thing I noticed about the car is the quality of all the features such as the interior and so on.

The interior featured beautiful white leather seats as well as a very slick oak style dashboard and fittings. The seats were very comfortable and had heating inside them which I thought was brilliant and to be fair the whole interior of the car is exactly what you would expect from a company like Porsche.

I would also like to say now that the way the car runs and drives is exceptional and is very quick, I have not really taken it over 90mph due to wanting to keep my licence but I can tell from the bite of the accelerator that there is so much more power to be used if I needed it. The paintwork also is really really good and the car does not seem to dirty that quickly at all when compared to other cars I have had. All in all I think it is by far the best car I have ever had and I am so glad I bought it.

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