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Mark Sargent

Last year was my wifes fiftieth birthday and as she had never had the chance to own a brand new car I decided to buy her one as she deserved it and her current car was well on its way out so I thought it would be a great idea.

I visited my local Renault showroom and was greeted by a smiling man who was very
helpful in addressing my needs and began to show me the cars he thought would best fit my wifes profile. I eventually settled after an hour or so on the new Renault Twingo as it was very compact and luxurious throughout and I thought this was defnintely the car for her.

The Twingo was also very well priced as I think I paid just short of the £9000 mark which was great value for a new car espacially one of this quality. I arranged for the car to be delivered on the eve of her birthday so I could wrap it for her whilst she was asleep and the car arrived perfectly on time so it would be ready for the morning. On the day of her birthday I let her go downstairs on her own and when she did all I heard was a loud screech when she realsied her old banger had been replaced by the Twingo.

So far she absolutely loves the car and it has never let her down and I am just so grateful for the help that was given by the staff at the showroom as they ehlped me pcik the perfect car. I cannot recommend using renault enough as they are so professional and will do their best to get you the best deal possible. 10/10!!

Lee Hender

Car Purchased – Renault Megane Sport 265

Price – £23,825

Dealer – Arnold Clark

Rating – *****

Buying this car was the best idea I have ever had as ever since I have had it I have been a really happy bunny. For years I have struggled along with my Vauxhall Astra which was ok but was not the most reliable car in the world so I decided to treat myself to something new and shiny. I visited Arnold Clark and purchased myself a brand new Renault Megane Sport car as out of all the cars on offer I just fell in love with it straight away.

The car itself is really high quality with a beautiful leather interior which is really stunning and it also has a really high quality pioneer cd player in it as well. The car is very good on fuel considering it is a 2 litre 20v car as it does just over 400 miles per tank on the open road and around 300 on the shorter journeys.

The car is also very quiet and compact and the paintwork and trimmings are very very slick. It is by far the best car I could have wished for so I would recommend it to anyone.

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