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Rolls Royce
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01332 622 884

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Wilson Smyth

Having been the proud owner of a Rolls Royce Phantom for a long time and with having several dealings with the Rolls Royce customer service team I would like to give you my rating on how I feel they have performed for me.

Customer Services 9-10

Garage Services 7-10

Price 8-10

Cars 10-10

Helpfulness 9-10

Over All 9-10

Every query I have ever contacted Rolls Royce for has been dealt with very quickly and I have been completely satisfied by the way I have been treated. The only downfall was when I put it in for a service I had to wait an extra three days even though I was promised it back the same day but that really has been my only problem even though it is very minor.

The car itself is what you would expect for the price I paid and has been a loyal and reliable friend to me. I would recommend Rolls Royce to anyone who has the money to buy one and that is a fact.

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