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Who are Wolseley

Wolseley plc is a multinational plumbing and heating products distribution company based in the UK. It was founded in 1887 by Frederick York Wolseley as a sheep-shearing equipment company, but later expanded into plumbing and heating supplies. Today, Wolseley operates in 25 countries and serves a wide range of customers in the construction and maintenance industries, including plumbers, heating engineers, and builders. The company offers a diverse range of products and services, including pipes, fittings, valves, boilers, and renewable energy solutions. Wolseley is one of the largest distributors of plumbing and heating products globally and has a strong presence in North America and Europe.

What do Wolseley Plc Provide in the UK

Wolseley plc provides a wide range of plumbing and heating products and solutions in the UK. Some of the key products and services they offer include:

  1. Plumbing supplies: Wolseley offers a comprehensive range of plumbing supplies, including pipes, fittings, valves, and connectors. They stock products from leading brands such as JG Speedfit, Polypipe, and Marley.
  2. Heating supplies: The company provides a wide range of heating supplies, including boilers, radiators, controls, and underfloor heating systems. They offer products from leading brands such as Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, and Honeywell.
  3. Bathroom supplies: Wolseley offers a range of bathroom products, including baths, showers, toilets, sinks, and taps. They stock products from leading brands such as Ideal Standard, Armitage Shanks, and Grohe.
  4. Renewable energy solutions: Wolseley provides a range of renewable energy solutions, including solar panels, heat pumps, and biomass boilers. They offer products from leading brands such as Grant, Vaillant, and Worcester Bosch.

In addition to these products, Wolseley also offers a range of services to its customers, including technical support, training, and online ordering. They serve a wide range of customers, including plumbing and heating engineers, contractors, and merchants.

Company History of Wolseley Plc

Wolseley plc has a long and interesting company history. The company was founded in 1887 by Frederick York Wolseley as a sheep-shearing equipment company. However, the company soon diversified into other areas, including automotive and engineering.

In 1956, the company merged with another engineering firm, George Lister & Co, to form Wolseley Lister. Over the years, the company continued to expand and diversify, acquiring a number of businesses in various industries.

In 1996, the company acquired Ferguson Enterprises, a leading plumbing and heating supplies distributor in the United States. The acquisition marked a significant turning point for the company, as it began to focus more on the distribution of plumbing and heating products.

In 2010, the company changed its name from Wolseley to Ferguson plc, to reflect its increasing focus on the plumbing and heating market. However, the company retained the Wolseley brand in some of its markets, including the UK and Canada.

Today, Wolseley plc is one of the world’s leading distributors of plumbing and heating products, with a presence in 25 countries. The company continues to grow and diversify, with a strong focus on providing innovative solutions to its customers.

Wolseley UK Limited,
2 Kingmaker Court,
Warwick Technology Park,
Gallows Hill,
Warwick CV34 6DY

The Official Website for Wolseley PLC is:

Full List of Wolseley Stores in the UK

Aberdeen Cooling – ZO
Aberdeen Wellington Street – WRA
Abergavenny – KQ
Aberystwyth – KP
Abingdon – FFN
Alnwick – RPC
Amersham – QCR
Ammanford – KKA
Andover – CV
Arbroath – UR
Ashford – DX
Ashington – RI
Ashton Under Lyne – MN
Aylesbury – DN
Aylesford – QS
Ayr – WX
Bakewell – TKC
Banbury – ES
Bangor – VY
Bangor Gwynedd – KN
Barking – BGB
Barnsley – TM
Barnsley – Ardsley – 6A2
Barnstaple – LH
Barrow In Furness – RG
Barry – KBC
Basildon – ZD
Basingstoke – CP
Basingstoke – Bell Road – 6A3
Bath – LJ
Bedford – ET
Belfast – VX
Belfast Cooling – G24
Belfast East – VT
Belfast East Pipe – K20
Bellshill – WY
Berwick Upon Tweed – WT
Beverley – WJC
Bexhill – 6A4
Bideford – LHA
Birkenhead – MM
Birmingham Aston – PL
Birmingham Aston Plumb – 3S
Bishop Auckland – WJB
Bishops Stortford – DT
Blackburn – MT
Blackpool – MK
Blackpool – Mowbray Drive – 6C3
Blackwood – KVA
Blyth – SO
Bodmin – 6A5
Bognor – CR
Bolton – MF
Bootle – 3H
Bourton on the water – LMB
Bracknell – DBK
Bradford – SC
Braintree – DBZ
Brecon – KMA
Brentford Pipe and Cooling – G52
Brentford Plumbing and Heating – BRT
Brentwood – YE
Bridgend – KG
Brighton – 6A7
Brimsdown – QCL
Bristol – LP
Bristol Feeder Road – NBA
Bristol Fishponds – LC
Bristol Montpelier – LY
Broadstairs – EQ
Bromsgrove – JBB
Burslem – JFA
Burton – TR
Bury St. Edmunds – EC
Caerphilly – KV
Camberley – QDP
Cambridge – EJ
Cambridge Pipe – ZC
Cambridge Clifton Road – DBW
Canning Town Cooling – G51
Cannock – JX
Canterbury – DJ
Cardiff – K38
Cardiff – Ocean Way – 6A9
Cardiff Llanishen – KB
Cardigan – KW
Carlisle – RB
Carlisle Kingstown Industrial Estate – 6B1
Carmarthen – KK
Carmarthen – Stephens Way – 6B2
Castleford – WO
Castlewellan – VZ
Chelmsford – EX
Cheltenham – LM
Chester – NR
Chesterfield – TK
Chichester – FFA
Chippenham – LX
Chorley – MD
Christchurch – CK
Clacton – YL
Cleckheaton – SR
Cleethorpes – TDA
Coalville – EU
Colchester – EN
Colchester West – QDA
Colindale – EO
Colwyn Bay – NP
Consett – RY
Conwy – KNL
Corby – CO
Coventry – JD
Cowley – CW
Crawley – DI
Crawley Cooling – G55
Crayford – CU
Crayford Cooling – G56
Crewe – MW
Cromer – FFS
Croydon – FH
Cupar – US
Cwmbran – KM
Dagenham – FFH
Dalkeith – UQ
Darlington – RQ
Derby – RV
Derby Ascot Drive – 3Y
Derby Pentagon – TJ
Dereham – DBC
Devizes – LDD
Doncaster – TH
Doncaster Kirk Sandall – THC
Douglas – 1Y
Driffield – SJB
Dronfield – WJR
Dudley – JJ
Dumbarton – WG
Dumfries – UE
Dundee – UG
Dundee Pipe – ZV
Dunfermline – UW
Dunstable – BB
Durham – WJA
East Grinstead – CT
East Kilbride – Kelvin – 6B6
Eastbourne – CQ
Edinburgh – WS
Edinburgh – Gorgie – UCA
Edinburgh -Peffermill – 6B7
Edinburgh Cooling – GW
Edinburgh Newbridge – UC1
Edinburgh Pipe – RR
Elgin – UP
Ellesmere Port – MG
Ely – DBY
Epsom – BGE
Evesham – JB1
Exeter – LGC
Exeter Cooling – PK
Exeter Marsh Barton – LG
Exmouth – LGE
Falkirk – UK
Fareham – CM
Farnborough – QP
Farnham – BXB
Folkestone – 6B8
Forfar – WF
Gaerwen – KNJ
Gainsborough – Miller Road – 6B9
Galashiels – UJ
Garforth – WJY
Gillingham – DG
Glasgow Anniesland – UBD
Glasgow Cooling – GT
Glasgow Durham Street – UBC
Glasgow Lancefield Street – XB
Glasgow Oakbank – UBE
Glasgow Parts – 3P
Glasgow Pipe – ZZ
Glasgow Port Dundas – K63
Glasgow Rutherglen – UBB
Glasgow Thornliebank – UBF
Glastonbury – LU
Glenrothes – UV
Gloucester – LB
Gloucester Pipe and Climate – PG
Great Yarmouth – EI
Greenford – DBF
Greenford Pipe and Climate – K83
Grimsby – TD
Guernsey – QY
Guildford – QD
Halifax – SM
Hamilton – UH
Harlow Burnt Mills – FFL
Harrogate – SK
Harrow – DM
Hartlepool – RK
Hastings – CH
Havant – CE
Haverfordwest – KX
Haverhill – FFU
Hayes – QV
Hemel Hempstead – DW
Hereford – ND
Hessle – SDA
Hexham – RX
High Wycombe – FK
High Wycombe – Cressex – 6C7
Highbury – YM
Highgate – QDM
Hinckley – QR
Hoddesdon – QCV
Honiton – LL
Horndean – QCC
Hove – CG
Hucknall – WUA
Huddersfield – SN
Hull – K77
Hull – National Avenue – WE
Huntingdon – EV
Hutton – G61
Huyton – MCA
Ilford – DBI
Ilkeston – TO
Inverness – WP
Inverurie – WV
Ipswich – EF
Ipswich Cooling – BN
Ipswich Derby Road – FR
Irvine – UI
Isle Of Wight – CS
Isleworth – EK
Jersey – QZ
Kempston Bedford – EY
Kendal – RH
Kentish Town – FFP
Kettering – DR
Kidderminster – NE
Kilmarnock – UF
Kings Cross – K94
Kings Lynn – EG
Kingsbridge – LEA
Kingston Park – RL
Kingston Upon Thames – DBD
Kirkcaldy – XD
Kirkintilloch – WM
Lanark – UHL
Leatherhead – QE
Leeds Cooling – GR
Leeds Hunslet – SQ
Leeds Pipe – RT
Leicester Craven St – TC
Leicester Cooling – G9
Leicester Freemans Common – 4Z
Leigh – NHA
Leith – XC
Letchworth Garden City – BC
Lincoln Cardinal Close – TEA
Lincoln Central – TE
Liskeard – 6C4
Liverpool – G64
Liverpool Central – MR
Livingston – WH
Llanelli – KU
London Balham – FFO
London Charlton – QB
London City – ZL
London Finchley – ER
London Lee – DS
London Old Kent Road – OKR
London Sydenham – FOR
London- Merton – DBX
Long Eaton – WJT
Loughborough – QU
Louth – RO
Lowestoft – BG
Ludlow – NFA
Luton – BXD
Luton Cooling – K13
Macclesfield – MJ
Maidenhead – DO
Maidstone – G65
Maidstone Parkwood – BXH
Malton – SGA
Manchester Trafford Park – PB
Mansfield – TP
Matlock – TKA
Melton Mowbray – YI
Merthyr Tydfil – KF
Middlesborough – MI
Milton Keynes – QC
Milton Keynes Wolverton – FFD
Minehead – LV
Morecambe – ML
Moreton – MMA
Mosborough – WJD
Moulton Park – DBQ
Nantwich – MWA
Neath – KZ
Newark – TX
Newbury – G69
Newcastle – K85
Newcastle Byker – 3N
Newmarket – QDB
Newton Abbot – LGB
Newtown – KL
Northampton – EH
Northampton Cooling – BV
Northfleet – YF
Northwich – NY
Norton – 6D2
Norwich – EE
Norwich Cooling – ZN
Norwich Hellesdon – FT
Nottingham – K86
Nottingham – Leengate – 6D3
Nottingham Arnold – WU
Nottingham Nuthall Rd – TS
Nuneaton – JW
Oldham – MP
Orpington – K98
Oswestry – NFB
Oxford Botley – CB
Oxford Pipe – BM
Paisley – WZ
Park Royal – EM
Penzance – LAB
Perth – UNA
Peterborough – EL
Peterborough Boongate – 6D4
Peterborough Cooling – G26
Peterhead – UZ
Peterlee – RKB
Pickering – SJC
Plymouth – LE
Plymouth Pipe – PE
Plympton – NJ
Pontefract – SP
Pontypridd – KJ
Poole – BW
Poole Creekmoor – CC
Porthmadog – NAA
Portsmouth Climate – G5
Portsmouth Portfield – PTM
Potters Bar – DBP
Potters Bar Cooling – G74
Preston – NX
Preston Cooling – GL
Prudhoe – RPD
Pudsey – WJP
Radstock – LJA
Rainhill – MC
Rawdon – WJI
Reading – CF
Redcar – RDA
Redditch – JSA
Redhill – RDH
Rhyl – KH
Ripon – SB
Rochdale – MU
Romford – BF
Ross On Wye – JHA
Rotherham – TF
Rugby – JP
Salford – NT
Saltash – LEB
Scarborough – SJ
Scotswood Newcastle – RMA
Scunthorpe – TN
Seacroft – WJU
Selby – WJE
Send – DH
Sevenoaks – YO
Sheffield Chapeltown – WJW
Sheffield Coleford Rd – 3T
Sheffield Hillsborough – TU
Sheffield Manton St – TG
Shepherds Bush – 6A1
Shipley – SY
Shrewsbury – NF
Sidcup – BGD
Sittingbourne – QI
Skegness – TY
Skipton – WJF
Sleaford – TLA
Slough – BD
Slough Pipe – BS
Smethwick – JR1
Solihull – JT
South Gyle – 5A
Southampton – YU
Southend – BE
Southport – NW
Spalding – BXL
St Albans – QK
St Andrews – USA
St Austell – LFA
St Neots – DBH
Stafford – JC1
Stamford – TQ
Staples Corner – YH
Stevenage – QN
Stirling – UM
Stockport – ME
Stockton – WD
Stockton Cooling – ZS
Stoke Cooling – K19
Stoke Longton – JM
Stonehaven – UDS
Stowmarket – QCE
Stranraer – XJ
Stratford – JS
Strood – EZ
Strood Pipe – K67
Stroud – LZ
Sudbury – DBE
Sunderland – RF
Sutton Coldfield Minworth – G68
Swansea – KC
Swansea Pipe & Climate – PH
Swindon – LD
Swinton – MO
Tamworth – JN
Taunton – NK
Team Valley – RC
Telford – 4A
Tenby – KY
Thetford – QF
Tiverton – LGA
Tonbridge – HGH
Torquay – LN
Totnes – 6C6
Tower Bridge North – FFT
Tower Hamlets – THM
Trowbridge – KR
Truro – LF
Twickenham – YW
Tyne Tunnel – RPG
Wakefield – SH
Wallsend – RPF
Walsall – JEB
Waltham Cross – FP
Walthamstow – QCZ
Walton – NTW
Walton on Thames – QJ
Wandsworth – DP
Ware – YR
Warrington – MH
Watford – ED
Wellingborough – YY
Welwyn Garden City – YG
West Bromwich – K68
West Drayton – BGI
West Thurrock – QCD
West Wickham – DQ
Weston Super Mare – LS
Wetherby – WJH
Weymouth – CN
Whitby – SX
Whitstable – FFB
Wick – UX
Wigan – NH
Winchester – 6D5
Winsford – NRB
Witham – BXF
Witney – CZ
Wolseley Pipe Centre & Climate Centre Eastleigh – G49
Wolseley Plumb Eastleigh – BT
Wolverhampton – JC
Wolverhampton Pipe – JC2
Worcester – JB
Worksop – TW
Worthing – FY
Wrexham – KE
Wycombe – YK
Yate – LQ
Yeovil – LR
York – K78
York James St – SG

Also known as Plumb Centre in the UK:

Plumb Center

Contact Details:

The Plumb Center
The Wolseley Center
Harrison Way
Leamington Spa
CV31 3HH

0845 030 4007

Direct Plumb Center Website:

Please find below the Reviews for the Plumb Centre:

  • My Plumb Centre Review

    Plumb Centre has everything you need and more for plumbing, best store I have been too for plumbing tools in a long time.

    All the staff were nice and helpful and help me find everything I needed. Everything that I purchased were all in great working order and all great quality, I would highly recommend anyone looking for plumbing parts to shop in the plumb centre, brilliant service and great products.

  • Product purchased from Plumb Center – Worcester Greenstar Junior 24I Boiler

    I ordered this new boiler as my previous one had been playing up now for quite some time and it was becoming a real pain trying to light it every evening. I had had my previous boiler for over a decade so thought it was about time I upgraded so I decided to visit my local Plumb Center.

    When I arrived at the store I explained my requirements to the very helpful chap who was working there who quickly brought out a brochure to show me the various models of boilers which were available through them. He highlighted the ones that would be suitable for me and then left me to choose which one I wanted which was great as I did not feel pressured into buying before I was ready.

    Once I had decided on the boiler I wanted I proceeded to place my order and paid for the item to be delivered to my home. I was told that my boiler would arrive within 14 days which was acceptable as I had been waiting longer than that anyway. On the tenth day my boiler arrived in excellent condition and I called my plumber to arrange a fitting. The plumber fitted the boiler in next to no time and I am pleased the package contained everything he needed to do the job which is always of benefit.

    The boiler itself is bloody marvellous and is so much better than my previous one and is fully electronic which makes setting the time so much easier for me. After having the boiler no for just over two months I can honestly say I am happy with every aspect of my transaction with the Plumb Center and would have no hesitation using them again for my further needs. Absolutely brilliant.

  • As a tradesman I have been using the Plumb Center for years and have remained a customer for the simple fact that whatever location I buy from they always have the best top quality products and one of the best trade prices of all my suppliers.

    I have always found the guys in the store to be very good at getting you exactly what you want and giving advice on new items and always try to ensure that you get your order quickly and on time.

    I will stay a Plumb Center customer happily as long as they maintain this excellent all round service.

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