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Johnny Williams

I had a SEAT Cordobra for many years as I purchased it in 1999 and it has been an excellent car for me for the whole of the time I had it but a few months back I decided I was due an upgrade. As my Cordobra had been such a good car I decided that I would be sticking by the brand and would buy myself a brand new model from my local dealership.

So I set about visiting my local dealer and when I arrived I was amazed at the selection of cars that were available. I walked in to the showroom from the forecourt and was greeted by the smiling face of the sales representative. I explained that I wished to buy a car that was similar in size and engine size of my Crodobra and he was very helpful and took me through all of the cars that matched my requirements and explained their features.

I asked him to leave me to it so I could examine the cars myself and he said no problem and told me to just call him when I was ready which was brilliant as I have been hassled by car salesmen on many occasions before and it is so annoying.

After careful consideration I decided to purchase a brand new SEAT EXEO as I felt this car would meet my needs perfectly so I called the salesman over and we went through all of the formalities. I got a really good trade in price for my Cordobra which was knocked off the bill which made the whole process even more agreeable. I have had the car now for just shy of six months and can honestly say it is by far the best car I have ever had and I have had absolutely no problem whatsoever with it.

The whole experience has been brilliant for me and I will definitely by using SEAT again and would recommend to anyone else who wants excellent product and service.

Hope this helps you all.


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