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Will Gregory

I have been a big fan of Subaru cars for many years but have never actually took the step to buy one as my wife would not let me spend that sort of money when we already had a good enough car at home. After many hours arguing and creeping I finally convinced my wife to let me buy the car I have always wanted.

So as quick as I could before she changed her mind I darted to my local Subaru dealership and started the process of buy the car. Once I arrived I was greeted by a very helpful and friendly salesman who showed me all the models they had available but I already had my mind set on an Impreza model. We sat down and I haggled a touch on price and eventually we arrived at an agreement and that was that. I signed the papers and drove away in my brand new Subaru Impreza.

Ever since I have had it I have no problems in the slightest and have found it to be the most reliable car I have ever had in my life. the interior is very luxurious and consists of white leather seats and wooden effect dashboard. I love my car and would recommend anybody who wants a high quality sports car to go out and get one now as for me they are the very best.

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