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Jemma Leary

I had been on at my husband for months to buy me a new car and after months of trying and my old car failing the MOT I finally convinced him to let me buy a new car. I had already set my heart on a Suzuki Alto which I thought was just what I needed and we went to visit our local Suzuki showroom.

Once we arrived I could see that they had the exact car in the exact colour I wanted so I was so happy and we continued into the showroom to see the salesman. He showed us over the car and was very friendly and informative and it was not long until we had paid for the car and I was given the keys. I have had the car now for six months and have never had any type of problem with it and it is an extremely high quality car for the price we paid.

The interior is very luxurious, it has a brilliant stereo/radio and the seats are very comfortable. This is the best car I have ever had and I would recommend this model to anyone wishing for a little run around that is good looking and great on fuel.

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