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Carl Gibson

well I have found my 2009 Toyota Corolla to be an absolutely fantastic car and has been a really good friend to me whenever I have needed it.

I have had the car for just over three years now and can happily say I have never had any problems whatsoever and the car has been brilliant.

The interior is very comfortable and looks really good when compared to my last car and it even has a really good cd player and speakers installed.

The car is fairly good on fuel costs also which is always a benefit with the price of fuel being what it is these days.

I would certainly recommend Toyota cars to anyone who wants to know.

Darren Williams

Our car had been on its way out for some time now as we had had it for over twenty years so myself and my wife thought we would finally do away with it and buy something a bit more modern. Since we had a Toyota for the previous twenty years we thought we would stick to what we knew and buy a Toyota car so we decided to visit our local showroom.

Once we arrived I set my eyes on a brand new Toyota Prius which was available for £21.500 which we thought was very good for a new car in this day in age. We walked into the showroom and were met by a very helpful young chap who we explained to what we required and he proceeded to tell us about all of the features and so on of the car which we were very impressed by.

The interior of the car was beautiful and was made from high quality materials and actually looked like the interior of a car valued at twice as much. We completed all the formalities of payment and so on then drove away in a shiny new car. Ever since we have had the car we cannot stress enough how happy we are and the whole experience was one of the best ever.

I could not recommend buying a Toyota enough as for myself and my wife it has been the best thing we have ever done.

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