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Lucy Wolton

I have had my Volvo C30 now for just over six months and have been very impressed with the car in every way and it is much better than I ever thought it would be. The car has one of the nicest interiors I have ever had in any of my cars with white leather seating which is extremely comfortable.

The built in cd changer is also very good and the speakers have such a crystal clear sound quality it is hard to believe even when I have it on really loud. The car also has a very nice amount of boot space with the seats being able to be dropped down which was just what I needed when I went to pick up my new fridge which I must say fitted in perfectly. The car is also very good on fuel with me being able to get around 400 miles per tank which is much better than my previous car.

I am totally happy with my purchase and would certainly buy another Volvo after this car as they are the best quality car I have ever had. Great work Volvo and keep it up.

Mr Graham

I have had a Volvo 440 for the past ten years and have found it to be the best car I have ever had hence why I have never needed to replace it with a newer model.

My car has just done over 150,000 miles and the engine still runs as good as the first day I got it and I have never had to spend that much each year for the MOT.

The most I have had done is for a new exhaust system to be put on a couple of years ago as I cracked it on a speed bump.

Volvos are brilliant cars and well worth every penny take it from me.

Charlie Featherstone

Last year I purchased a brand new Volvo V70 which cost me around £26.000 which was not a bad price for a V70. Since having the car I have found it to be one of the best quality cars I have ever had and also very very reliable. The car itself oozes top quality and the interior shows this without exception as it looks like the interior of a Ferrari or something it is that good.

The built in stereo is also very good and the speakers are crystal clear even when the volume is tanked up as high as possible which is great.

The car also features cruise control which is very simple to use and really saves your legs on long journeys and is a real godsend. The car also came with a beautiful set of alloy wheels which are extremely good for standard wheels and go really well with the excellent paintwork on the car.

The car just looks really slick from whatever angle you look at it and is definitely one of the best models on the market. I would definitely use Volvo again in the future and would recommend it to all who are looking for a new high quality car.

Ben Chambers

My new Volvo V60 is by far the best car I have ever purchased and I am very very happy with what I have received for my money. I visited my local Volvo dealer and was very impressed by the whole experience as they were very friendly and knew exactly what they were talking about.

The car itself is very high quality with lovely leather interior and shiny wooden effect dashboard. It also had a very good CD player fitted with good quality surround speakers which was great as it saved me a couple of hundred pounds on buying a new one. The car seems very good on fuel and I seem to get a lot more miles out of a tank of petrol than my previous car.

All in all the whole process and product have been phenomenal and I would recommend Volvo to anyone looking for a high quality car and good prices.

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