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Faye Hughes

Phone purchased – Motorola Razr

Price – Free on contract

Overall performance – 9/10

Great phone and I am definitely glad I chose it as it is really light weight and has a wicked screen which is excellent for playing games.

I also seem to get a much better signal with this phone and it has a very loud ringer on as well which is very beneficial.

Very happy and would recommend.

Mark Donovan

Phone Purchased – Motorola XOOM2 – Rating – 8/10

One of the best mobile phones I have ever had and I really do not know what I would do without it now.

Got this phone after my friend recommended it to me as he had just got one and I am so glad that I did. I had been an IPhone owner for the past few years and was increasingly getting annoyed with the functionality of the phone as my internet was slow and its battery did never last long so I thought bugger it and changed to a Motorola.

Having the Motorola XOOM2 is the best thing ever as the screen is very clear and spacious and the phones functions are absolutely brilliant in comparison. I am so glad I got this phone and would like to tell you all if you want a really good and reliable phone that will definitely rival any other smartphone then this phone is for you. Enjoy

Will Watkins

I have had a Samsung mobile phone for many years now and it has done a great job for me but I decided that when my contract was up this time I would try a different phone.

With that in mind once I received my renewal date I decided to browse the mobile phones that were available and choose a new one. After around an hour of looking I decided I would like to try out the Motorola DEFY+ as it looked like the phone would be perfect for me.

When it arrived the first thing I noticed was it was slightly larger than my previous phone but only slightly so was not an issue. The screen and images are far superior to my old phone and the camera that is built in is very very good indeed. After playing with all the function and using the phone for the past six weeks I can reassuringly recommend this phone to whoever is looking for a high quality, good looking and reliable phone.

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