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Moss Bros Group PLC
8 St Johns Hill
Clapham Junction
SW11 1SA

0207 447 7200

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Victor Gammon

Got three new shirts for work from the Moss store couple of weeks ago and they are very good indeed.

I was very happy with the service and the price and I managed to get one of the shirts free as they had a buy two get one free offer on.

The shirts themselves were from the Calvin Klein range and I think I ended up paying £103 for them including delivery.

Will certainly be returning.

Norman Jenkins

I was in need of a new suit as I had a wedding to attend and my old suit had become far to tight for me as I had not used it for several years so I found the Moss website and instantly saw the suit I thought would be perfect for me which was a DKNY Plain Navy Suit which was priced at £279 as it had been reduced from £349.

When the suit arrived a was immediately impressed by the quality of the way it was made from the fabric to the stitching it was just perfect and worth every penny.

I really did feel so good on the day of the wedding when I had my suit on and received many great comments from my friends which is always nice to have.

I cannot recommend Moss enough and will sure be returning to their website when I am in need of any new formal clothing.

Brilliant all round

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