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Bunches Florapost Ltd
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Newstead Village
NG15 0DQ

0800 626 249

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Dexter Hornsby

I sent my mum some Mothers Day flowers via bunches and can happily say I found them to be extremely good in every way.

I phoned their sales line on the Friday afternoon and they still managed to deliver the bouquet by Saturday afternoon which I thought was fantastic and she was very happy with them.

I paid £39.99 for the bouquet including delivery and it was simple to do.

Thanks for helping Bunches

Lydia Evans

For this years mothers day I had decided I would like to also send some flowers to my mother as well as the present as she had had a tough time over the past few months due to personal problems and I really wanted to cheer her up so I decided to order some flowers to be delivered from the Bunches website.

I looked at all of their products and eventually found the ones I thought were perfect for her which was the candy Pink bouquet which was priced at £19.99 which I thought was fantastic value.

On the Saturday before mothers day I received a phone call from my mother who was very happy as she had just received the flowers and was ringing to thank me. I could tell by her voice she was really pleased with what I had sent her and I felt so good about seeing her this way.

I would definitely recommend Bunches to all over the other retailer on the market as many of them have been a disappointing in the past but Bunches are by far the best in my opinion.

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