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Graham Jennings

We have been using Ryman for our stationary for many years and have always found them to be great value and cheaper than many other retailers.

The items we get are always of the best quality especially their printer paper as it is very heavy duty and top quality.

On the occasion I have also purchased the odd desk or chair and still found them to be very good quality for half the price of other retailers.

I would highly recommend Ryman without a doubt.

Stephen Egerton

Having moved into our new house and having a little extra space than our previous property I was for the first time ever able to have a room which I could designate as my office so decided to buy a new desk as I did not have one.

After browsing the internet for desks I came across the Ryman website and immediately found the desk that appealed to me which was a French Gardens Wooden Study Desk in Antique Pine which was priced at £299.99.

When the desk arrived I could tell it was of a really high quality and did not take long to put together at all and when it was finished it really looked the part in my office. It has excellent storage available and the drawers were very slick and beautifully finished.

I am so happy with the all round experience of shopping at Ryman from the product to the delivery it was all perfect and I am very happy indeed.

I was be back for sure.

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