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Joe Huntington

My Serif Review

I would like to review a Serif product I have been using for the past few months that I feel is totally exceptional and has helped me so much with the tasks I wanted to complete during this time.
Photography is my hobby and i try to do as much of it as I possibly can so when I decided I needed to upgrade my photo editing software choosing a new package was not an easy decision for me to make as I had grown so accustomed to the package I had been using for the past five years. I was recommended the PhotoPlus 5 package by a friend of mine who had great success in using it so I took the chance and invested in the software.

When I first got it I have to say I felt totally lost as it was very different than my previous software so I was very glad that it included many different tutorial guides and videos which showed me all of the features of the software and how to use them. Once I fully got to grips with the software I found it to be absolutely brilliant in every way as it allowed me to create beautiful phot effects that I had never seen before which gave my work a whole new edge.

The software also allowed me to import all my old photographs and then restore and repair them back to even better than their original quality which is great. I found I could also organize my photos in a much better manner using Serif PhotoPlus 5 and love the software completely and this is why I have to recommend it to you.

Tommy Snape

I use Draw Plus x5 and think it is very good indeed.

I would give it a ten out of ten rating on both performance and price.


Stuart Hurley

I have been using Serif`s Photoplus X5 software for the past four or five weeks and have found it to be absolutely fantastic in every aspect of its functionality.

I do quite a lot of photo editing as my hobby is photography and have found this software to be an essential part of my equipment since I bought it.

I particularly like the freedom it gives me to edit and transform photos and also editing RAW files and also the eye removal tool which is fantastic also.

The software is well worth the price and I would not hesitate to buy it again if I needed to.

Excellent all round and would recommend.

David Redgemond

I have been using web plus x5 web design software for around a month and have found it very useful for my projects.

It has many features that I have found very good compared to other software I have been using and it is really smooth throughout.

I have never been that good with html and such but this software does actually make the process easier and you get great results from the methods it uses.

An excellent buy and I am very happy with it.

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