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Shaun Jenkins

I had been having problems with viruses and spyware infection for ages after using the various free anti virus software programs that are on the market so I finally decided to invest in a full version of some software and eventually decided after reading many reviews to go with the Avira Premium Anti Virus which cost me a very measly £16.99 which I thought was brilliant.

Since having the software I have virtually no problems whatsoever and it is more than worth the money just for this fact alone.

The software is very easy to install and use even for me and I feel so much more relaxed knowing my private files and photos are now more protected than ever.

Very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend.

Sam Tyler

Avira anti virus is by far the best I have used and I have tried most of the brands out there over the years until I found this package.

For the six months I have been using it not once have I had an infection that it has not identified and eliminated for me.

I have found the software scans all media on the PC including a deep scan and to scan the 250gb hard drive I have and my 160gb external the process takes about an hour which is very good considering.

I would try it out if I was you as it really is excellent.

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