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George Timpson

Kapersky anti-virus has been really good for me and has made my system much securer than it was before I had it.

I really do feel safe now when I have this on and I have not had any virus problems since it has been on.

Highly recommended by me.


Chris Skelton

I have found Kapersky anti virus to be very proficient and extremely safe and have never felt so secure about my internet activities.

Having been one of those people who was harassed by unwanted viruses and smaller infections for years until I got this beauty but now these problems have no vanished thank god.

The price of the software is very good also and I think I paid £39.99 for it which was well worth every penny.

I have to give Kapersky a full marks 10/10 and would recommend to all.

Paul Ingham

Purchased Kapersky Internet security 2012 last month and as soon as I put it on my machine it picked up two trojans and a worm within minutes of the scan starting even though I had another anti virus installed which was surprising.

Ever since then no problems at all and I have to say I do feel much more secure now especially as I tend to use internet banking frequently.

Great product and worth buying.


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