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Mr Houghter

McAfee Review

I’ve been using McAfee anti virus for over a year now and its the best anti virus software i’ve ever used. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good anti virus protector.

McAfee always asks for updates to scan your machine for viruses which is brilliant for people who are always getting viruses, McAfee prevents them. McAfee is well worth the money for the brillaint service they provide. Over the past year i have been extremely impressed with the service McAfee provides.

I can browse all over the web without having to worry about getting a virus because i know my computer is protected.

Sally Triggs

McAfee are quite simply one of the best Security Software providers I have had the pleasure to use. I have always found the software easy to use and also very competitive on price compared to the array of other providers.

Well done McAfee

Ben Harper

McAfee anti virus is very good indeed and has really made my computer more secure than ever and I really like the freedom to browse what I want now in safety without worrying if my laptop is going to be protected.

It is pretty cheap as well for a home licence when compared to other brands out there apart from the cheaper less effective ones.

I would definitely recommend to anyone who has had problems with viruses before as nothing gets past this baby.


Harold Gilson

we have been using McAfee anti virus at work for years and have always found it to be brilliant all round and we have never had any problems with infections ever since we first installed it back in 2004.

It is so relaxing to know that we can rest assured we will be protected from any unwanted intruders and viruses which is brilliant as we have all of our accounts and other business items on our computers.

It is also very well priced and for what we pay is worth every penny just for the peace of mind we get from it.

Well done McAfee for providing us with the best protection possible and we are very thankful to you.

Thomas Miller

I own a small retail outlet which utilizes a website for general sales and have had constant problems with attacks on my PC and last year I had my whole site taken down due to a virus infecting my machine and giving the intruders access to it which was a nightmare.

Once I had contacted the police I was advised to use McAfee anti virus by several experts as it is thought of as the best in the world and most secure so I decided to invest in it and am very happy I have.

Since I have had it I have never had any problem whatsoever and feel much more secure than I previously did.

Very happy with the service and protection provided so well do McAfee.

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