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Jacob Hill

Avast Anti Virus has been great for me ever since I first installed it on to my laptop and since then I have had no problems with infections or spyware.

The software is very easy to install and update and is also very easy to set up including a scheduled scan each day where you can set the time of the day where you would like the computer scan to start which is great for when you do not want it slowing down your machine whilst working.

I feel extremely well protected since using Avast and would certainly recommend it to any computer user who has been having internet security problems.

Great stuff all round.

David Seager

I have been a customer of Avast for the past two years and have found their anti virus software to be phenomenal in every aspect.

I like the way it scans all of my emails before I open them as well as anything I download which is of a great benefit as I always used to forget to check things before.

Their support hotline is also very good and you do not get stuck in a telephone queue for hours on end waiting to speak to someone.

I would certainly continue to use Avast and would recommend it to all of you looking for good internet security.

Graham Kensington

I use the Avast free edition and have found it to be brilliant.

I have not thought of upgrading to the full version yet but I might get around to it soon as it does look very good.

Brilliant software with excellent protection


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