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Darren Hanson

Product I got from the Ted Baker website was a Nyhar Bomber Jacket in red which cost me £125.00 including delivery.

The jacket arrived yesterday morning which was very quick considering I only ordered it last Thursday and especially over the bank holiday weekend so I was very happy with that aspect of my purchase.

The coat itself is a little thinner than I thought but this does not really matter as I wanted it for the summer anyway, the coat is very well made and you can tell it is quality just by looking at the stitching and materials.

It is very good value for what I paid and I am incredibly happy with it indeed and would have no problem using the Ted Baker website again.

Larry Williams

I have been wearing Ted Baker clothes for as long as I can remember and the single most important factor to me remaining one of their customers is that they do produce the very best clothes I have ever been lucky enough to wear.

I have also used their website many times and found the range available on the site to be very comprehensive indeed and sometimes I find it very hard to choose between the lines they have as they are that good.

You really have to see their clothes to believe them and I would recommend them to any man who likes to feel like they look a million dollars.

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