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TK Maxx

Contact Details:

TK Maxx Ltd
50 Claredon Road
WD17 1TX

01923 473 561

Direct TK Maxx Website:

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Leon Underhill

TK Maxx are superb!!!!!!

Everytime I got to Chester or Liverpool I make a point of going there and if you went there too you would know why.

They have so much bargain clothes and accessories it is just unreal and when you go there you get so much for your money.

I am a very happy TK Maxx customer for life!!!

Ben Hammond

I have been using the TK Maxx website for a long time and have always found them to be one of the best service out of all the online stores I use.

I find their products to be only of the highest quality as well as keeping the prices really low when compared to other stores.

I would certainly recommend the TK Maxx website to anyone as they really do offer a brilliant service.


Amanda Lee

As far as I am concerned TK Maxx is the best fashion retailer in the UK and I regularly find many bargains when I visit their stores.

They have all the latest brands at some of the cheapest prices of any shop and still maintain a really high level of quality throughout.

I also like that fact they do gift cards which really come in handy when Christmas comes along as they make perfect gifts for my friends and family.

I am always impressed with TK Maxx and would easily recommend them to all.


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