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Rochelle Jacobs

After many years of being a person who did not really see the importance of having a mobile phone I was talked into purchasing one by my son as he was worried I might not be able to contact anybody if there was any type of emergency.

Just to keep him happy I decided I would surprise him and purchase myself a mobile phone and went about looking at all the top deals that were available. Being a person who did not know too much about the providers of these services apart from the adverts I have seen on television I did not have much experience on the issue so I decided rather than use the internet to visit my local town centre and enter a more physical shop.

I visited three shops before I entered the Vodafone shop but decided I did not feel comfortable with these providers as to be honest the staff were very young and seemed not to care. This was of course different when I arrived at the Vodafone shop as when I walked in the doors I was greeted by the smiling face of a member of staff which is always sure to win me over. I explained to the young lady what I wished to purchase and the price I could afford and was shown many deals that would suit me.

After some consideration I chose the Phone and package I liked and within minutes I was a new mobile phone owner. The lady in the store even set up my phone for me and took me through a basic course of how to use it. I am now slowly getting to grips with my new phone but wanted to let Vodafone and other potential customers how happy I am with my whole experience. They really have made my day,

Many many thanks.


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