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John Groves

I decided to change my mobile contract after four years with another provider as my current contract was about to expire and I thought I would shop around to see what better deals I could get. After careful consideration I chose to arrange a new deal through Orange as the deals they had on offer seemed to be more comprehensive than many of the other brands available.

Once I had decided I visited my local orange store and started the application process which did not take long at all and within fifteen minutes I was ready to choose the phone of my choice. The staff were very helpful in the store and explained all the ins and outs of my contract and explained the functions of the phone I had chosen. As soon as everything was arranged I walked out of the shop very happy and in possession of a shiny new Iphone which has been absolutely brilliant for me ever since.

I can not recommend Orange enough as their service is excellent and their tariffs are very very good and I feel so much better ever since I have changed.

I hope you all get the chance to read this and choose wisely like I did.

Good day


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