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Michael Thomas

After a recent visit to my dentist I was advised to purchase an electric toothbrush as I had a small amount of plaque building up on the back of my teeth which was causing me problems. I decided to go to my local Boots store to see what sort of prices we were looking at as for some reason i had in my mind that they were going to be very expensive as last time I looked a few years back they were over £200 for a good one.

I arrived at my local store and as I was on my lunch break and did not have much time I asked a member of staff to show me where they kept their electric toothbrushes which the young man gladly did.

When I got to the section of brushes I was amazed and a little confused as they had a large number of them available and I really did not know which one to choose so again I called a member of staff over to try to gain an understanding of the difference between them all.

The young man again was extremely helpful and told me which ones were the most popular so I took his advise and got myself an Oral B Professional Care 3000 Toothbrush which cost me just shy of one hundred pounds.

Now since I have had it I can honestly say it has done an outstanding job as it has a really small moving head that seems to get in between all of the gaps in my teeth and my teeth feel so much cleaner after using it.

I am very happy with the item I got and the service I received and would recommend Boots and the Oral B brush to anyone who reads this.

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