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Anwyn Jennings

Item I would like to talk about is the Bosch TAT8613GB Collection Toaster in Black which is priced at £69.99

I am and have been a Sainsburys customer for many years but generally only do my food shopping at my local store as I was unaware that they had a website offering much more than the usual food products.

I visited their website which I found was very easy to use as I was in need of a new toaster as mine had just blown its elements and only toasted one side of the bread which was so annoying. I found a toaster I thought was for me and proceeded to order it which again was very easy to do and then once I had paid I forgot about it until it arrived.

When it arrived which was within three days the item arrived in perfect condition and was very easy to put together. The toaster is absolutely brilliant and it is so nice to actually have toast again as I had not had any for nearly two weeks.

I am really happy with the service I got from Sainsburys and it just confirmed to me that this is why I use them over other supermarkets as they do not fail to deliver quality all of the time.

Very happy indeed

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