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Ceri Dixon

I had never really had any trouble with my teeth until I hit my 30th birthday and then for some unknown reason many of my teeth started to ache and I was in large amounts of pain for days on end.

I was not registered at an NHS dental surgery so I decided to go private as I did not live to far away from the Carnaby Street Dental Clinic and my friends had raved about the place. On my arrival after booking my appointment I was in quite some pain and I explained this to the receptionist and she was quite concerned and within five minutes I was in with a dentist and he examined me. He told me that I required a couple of root canals on my teeth which was very surprising but I obviously listened to his advise and said when should I book in for my treatment.

He smiled at me and said no need to do that we will get you sorted right now and once he had said this I could feel the nerves starting to build up as I had never had any treatment before and very nervous. I could see the dentist noticed this and was very good at relaxing me so that I felt more comfortable and within minutes I did feel more relaxed. He administered an injection to me and I was then sent back to the waiting room until the injection had taken effect.

I was then called back into the surgery and then my treatment commenced. I did feel a small amount of pain but it was very bearable and the dentist was very good at what he was doing. I was in there for approximately twenty minutes and then I was all done and my toothache has disappeared.

My whole experience of the Carnaby Street Dental Clinic has been an excellent one and I would highly recommend them to anybody who suffers from dental problems. They were just brilliant.

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