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Carla Franks

Ever since I was a young child I had always felt different to other people as I had unusually large ears and they really hurt my confidence throughout my childhood as I was constantly ridiculed by other children and called names.

I was first told about the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic by my cousin Christen as she had just returned from a breast enlargement treatment and could not speak highly enough of the service she received.

I contacted the surgery and booked an appointment to see a consultant which was a very simple process once I had explained my situation to him and I was quickly booked in for the surgery.

The staff at the surgery made me feel very comfortable on the day of my appointment and I felt very relaxed with what I was having done.

Once my surgery had been completed I began to worry about what I would look like and it really worried my whilst I was waiting for my work to heal but once all of the dressings came off after two weeks I was amazed with the work they had done as it was fantastic.

I now feel so normal and my confidence has been boosted so much and I no longer have to go out thinking people are looking at me which is such a nice feeling.

I am very happy with the all round service I got and would certainly recommend the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic to anyone suffering similar problems.

Thank you so much CSC

Carol Black

For many years I have felt that my nose was a little too big for my face and I was always ridiculed in school by other children and called names. After many years of this it had damaged my confidence more than you can imagine and I thought there was no answer to my problem. I had the misfortune of losing my mother last year so was left a small amount of money from the will so I decided to see if there was any options open to me for some type of cosmetic surgery.

I came across the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic website and immediately thought this was the place as I had a great feeling about it. I contacted them in regard of prices and so on and they arranged for me to attend a free consultation. When I arrived I was offered tea or coffee whilst I waited which was nice and was then seen by a brilliant consultant who made me feel totally at ease with the situation. Once we had decided the course of action I was booked in for a further appointment to assess the treatment needed and was then given a date for my operation.

The operation itself was not at all uncomfortable apart from the week or so after where I could not breath as well as I would of liked but the result was well worth the wait. My nose is now virtually exactly as I would have liked it and it has built my confidence back up to where it should be. It really has changed my life and I cannot thank the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and their staff enough for what they have done for me.

Cosmetic Surgery Clinic = Highly Recommended by me

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