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Mark Walmsley

I decided to arrange an appointment to visit a psychologist at the London Bridge Hospital on recommendation of my local GP as I had been suffering from depression after I had a work accident.

I had been feeling very down since my accident and was offered anti depressant drugs such as Citalopram but as I am not one for taking drugs I said to my GP that I would prefer to speak to someone rather than using drugs to control my condition.

When I first arrived at the London Bridge Hospital I was met by a smiling receptionist who was very helpful and took all of my details and then asked if I wouldnt mind waiting in the waiting room. After a short wait I was shown into my doctor and participated in one of the best sessions I could have imagined. I felt so much better after the initial meeting that I did not want to go home and there began my road to recovery. I participated in these sessions for just over a year on a monthly basis until I had overcome my depression and my life was back on track.

I am so thankful for the help I have received and would highly recommend the London Bridge Hospital to anyone looking for top quality service and help.

Philip Combs

After years of struggling with psoriasis and being constantly let down by other medical providers I decided to take steps to try and get my condition under control. I was advised by a friend who had previous medical problems to seek advice from our local private hospital in London which was the London Bridge Hospital.

I contacted them to arrange a consultation and was fitted in very quickly an was seen by a very friendly consultant.

The Dr was very helpful and explained all the options that were available to me and ever since then I have received some of the best treatment I could have managed and now am in full control of my condition. I am so happy and thankful to the team at the London Bridge Hospital as they have helped me so much and I can now live my life the way I should.

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