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Portland Hospital

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The Portland Hospital for Women and Children
205-209 Great Portland Street

0207 580 4400

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Jim Wheater

I have had two procedures done at the Portland Hospital and have found them in both cases to be extremely good and very professional.

The staff in the hospital are very good at keeping you relaxed and ensure you have all the facts before you begin your treatment which is great as it can be a very worrying time.

They are also very good on price when compared with other private hospitals and are in many peoples budgets which is a great factor.

If I ever needed anything done in the future I would not hesitate to contact them again to book a consultation.

Top quality service all round.

Clarice George

The Portland Hospital for me brings back some of the happiest memories ever as it was there that I got the best thing in life which is my little Erica. I decided to go private for my pregnancy as I had previous bad experience on the NHS and as we had fortune enough to be able to afford a service like this.

The staff at the Portland Hospital were always friendly throughout my pregnancy and really made me feel at home every time I went there. They really helped me a lot dealing with the stress and side effects and so on and made me feel incredibly relaxed throughout the process.On the day of my delivery I was taken into the hospital and given a really clean private room which was fantastic and definitely more than I had expected.

The whole process of my delivery was really smooth and we had no complications and the doctors were very very good. My after treatment again was exceptional and I felt really at home and they were very caring and helpful. I cannot thank the Portland Hospital enough for how they treated me and would advise anyone to check them out for any type of medical treatment as they are just phenomenal.

Janet Hinglewood

Last Year I was diagnosed with a uterus cyst which required an operation which would have taken up to three years to receive if I waited for an NHS operation. Luckily I had been left some money a few years back so decided I could afford to go private for my treatment so began searching for a good private hospital. I came across the Portland Hospital via an internet search engine and found myself drawn to enquiring if they indeed did the procedure I Required.

Once I contacted them the staff seemed to be very informative and helpful and booked me in for a consultation. I arrived for my consultation and was greeted by friendly smiling staff who asked me to sit in the waiting room and my consultant would let me know once they were available. For those of you have experienced NHS hospitals you can understand I prepared myself for a long wait but to my surprise just as I sat down I was called in by the consultant. I was extremely impressed with this and even more so by the way everything was explained to me in great detail.

Once I had agreed to have the operation I was then taken through the payment scheme and so on which was very reasonable and cheaper than I had thought it would be. I then paid and waited for my appointment date which I was told would be as soon as they could fit me in. I waited around three days and then my appointment letter came with the date of my operation and to my extreme surprise I was booked in for two weeks away.

As anyone knows who has waited for operations on the NHS you just do not receive dates this quickly so I was very happy indeed. On the day of my operation I arrived at the hospital and was greeted once again by the friendly staff and was taken into the operation waiting room. The consultant then came in after around five minutes and once again went over all of the details of the operation and was very reassuring. Once this was all done I was taken to a preparation room and changed out of my clothes accordingly.

I was then taken into the operating theatre and given a general anaesthetic and I felt very relaxed at this time. The next thing I knew I was waking up in my hospital bed and within minutes a doctor came to see me and asked how I felt and so on and told me I would be free to go home the following day providing all was well. This made me feel extremely relaxed and I was made very comfortable by all the brilliant staff.

The next morning I woke up and felt fresh as a daisy apart from the obvious soreness in my uterus area. I was given some breakfast and then asked to walk the length of the ward etc to check I could move ok and was well enough to go home. After all of this was done and I was fine to leave I was given some antibiotic medication and then picked up by my husband and taken home.

I really would like to thank the staff at the Portland Hospital for treating me so well and making the whole experience easy for me. I cannot recommend the Portland Hospital enough from my previous experience and I would definitely use them again for any treatment I needed. The prices were extremely good and the service was out of this world compared to other institutions.

Thank you so much.

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