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John Roberts

After recently purchasing the Rainbow Six : Vegas game. i had been struggling to complete it, i decided to go to the web and look for some advice i ended up on the ubisoft website checking out FAQ section and found it extremely helpful in pointing my in the right direction.

The game in now completed and im eagerly waiting for the next addition

Graham Gorton

I recently purchased the Assassins Creed III game which is created by Ubisoft and thought I would explain my thoughts on the game to all you good people.

I found the game highly entertaining as it has one of the best story lines I have ever seen within a video game and had my glued to my screen for hours on end. The graphics of the game are also excellent and really bring the game to life and the attention to detail is just marvellous with every aspect being accounted for.

I also found the online multi player mode to be extremely addictive and is one of the smoothest experiences I have had of playing an online game as I suffered no lag or crashed games which is a great bonus. Overall I would rate this game nine out of ten and would definitely recommend to fans of shooter based platform games. Enjoy.

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