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Joanne Evans

i decided to buy my 6 year old son some Max Payne Clothing for christmas as it is his favourite game. Nice and User Friendly Website, Quick Delevery and Good Quality Clothing, I can’t wait to see his face on christmas morning

Ben Clarke

Game Purchased – Red Dead Redemption
Price Paid – £39.99
Overall Rating – Nine Out of Ten

I have written this review so that many more of the fellow gamers may enjoy this excellent new game from one of the best developers in the world. Red Dead Redemption is a horror based shooter game that takes you back into the crazy world of zombie shooting and is not for the faint hearted. The game starts off quite slow for the first couple of levels which take about an hour to complete but this time is well used to prepare yourself for the later stages and get used to all the controls etc.

After these early rounds the game really gets going and does not take long until you are involved in a mad frenzy of a game that keeps you addicted for ages. Some of the enemies are not just basic zombies but are strange looking and extremely creative mutated creatures that all have special skills designed to bring you down. You will easily need to be at your best if you are to do well on this game as it is really challenging and will take ever oz of your skills to complete. Brilliant game from brilliant developers. Go and buy it now.

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