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Keith Jameson

Last year I participated in getting my eye bags removed via the Harley Medical Group surgery which had been recommended to me by a close friend.

I found the service and the surgery to be top drawer and was very well priced for such a good procedure.

I actually feel like a young man again now which I had not felt like in years and I am very happy with every aspect of the service I received.

Highly recommended.

Arthur Calland

Over the past five years and ever since my 40th birthday I have been suffering from a saggy eye brow line as my skin seems to be drooping above my eye line. At first it was not so bad but in the past twelve months I had noticed that it was getting worse so I decided to see if I could afford to have some type of plastic surgery to improve it. I contacted the Harley Medical Group and had a quite informal chat with their customer services team who advised me to book myself in for a consultation which I had no problem in doing.

Once I received my appointment date I went to their London medical centre and met with an extremely helpful consultant who explained the whole process to me as well as the hazards I could face. Once we had finished our discussion I was even more impressed than before and had no hesitation in booking myself in for brow lift surgery. I went home and tried to forget about it until my appointment would come through but to me surprise three days later I received my operation date through the post which was in three weeks time. Well as you can imagine I was very happy with this and never thought it would be so soon so began to prepare myself.

On the day of my operation I was virtually in and out of the medical centre within the space of seven hours and I had a whole new brow line. My forehead and area around where I had had surgery was fairly tender for a week or so after the operation and I told myself not to look until I was fully recovered which I actually managed to do. Once my wounds had healed after seven days I finally got the chance to look in the mirror and check out what had been done.

I cannot tell you enough how happy I was when I did look in the mirror as my brow line was perfectly back to how it used to be and I looked human again through my eyes. This surgery has rebuilt my confidence so much and I would highly recommend the Harley Medical Group to anyone without reservation. Thank you so much.

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