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Nathan Rodgers

Homeserve came to my house a few months back to fix my boiler as it had failed during the cold period and we had not had hot water or heating for a few days.

They were very good when they arrived and had my faulty boiler working again in no time as it was only a faulty thermostat.

The guys who came were very friendly and helpful and even showed me how to bleed my radiators correctly as I am not very good at home duties such as this.

I only have the highest regard for Homserve and cant recommend them enough to anyone looking for excellent service.

Homeserve you did me proud so thank you very much.

Terry Gibson

Last December during the cold winter period our loyal boiler which we have had for around ten years packed up and we were left without heat or hot water but luckily we had insurance cover and were told to contact Homeserve to arrange for it to be fixed.

Once we contacted Homeserve we explained the situation and they were very helpful indeed and promised to send an engineer out as soon as possible which would be within the next 48 hours.

The following morning I was awoken by a knock on the door and to my great pleasure the heating engineer was with us which was brilliant.

He looked at our boiler and told us the thermostat had gone and we needed it to be replaced and he was able to do it right now as it was a pretty standard piece of equipment.

He worked on the boiler for around 45 minutes and then it was fully operational again and we once again had heat and water.

I am very pleased with the speed Homeserve acted on our problem and they way they fixed it so quickly and I am indebted to them for this as it was very cold and I dont know what we would have done without them.

Thank you so much.

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