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Charlie Neal

I just had to write this review to thank Kerrang for putting on a great nights entertainment last weekend.

I turned the channel on at just before 9pm and straight away could see they were showing a Guns N Roses live concert from a few year back and it was fantastic.

Very happy so thank you very much.


David Davies

Kerrang is by far the best music channel in the world as they always play the best heavy metal and urban music in the charts. I always love listening to and watching this channel as they seem to play all the tracks that make me smile and I just love it.

Another key point that makes this channel one of the best is their catalogue of live concerts that they cover and then show on the channel. If you really like your rock music then this is the channel for you so tune in now and enjoy the madness. A+++++

Craig Owens

I have been a huge fan of Kerrang for years in the sense of both their television channel and also their magazine as they are always playing and talking about the music I like.

Being a fan of rock music I always found it difficult to find the music I love on any of the other channels provided apart from the odd track here and there. It was very frustrating for me at that time and then I came across the Kerrang channel and have never looked back.

I always seem to be able to hear all of the latest tracks from the rock world as well as being able to watch the videos that accompany them which is brilliant. I would definitely not survive if they were to turn the channel off tommorow thats for sure.

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