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Mrs Faray

Marks and Spencer – I have to applaud M&S on offering the highest quality of goods. I have been shopping at my local branch of Marks and Spencers now for over 40 years, and have always reveived an excellent service from all of the staff that I have met.

The amount of special offers are vast, with delicious tastes and quite simply outstanding value for money on the Ready Made Meals. I would not shop anywhere else for my weekly food shopping.

Paula Howell

I thought I would write this review as I have been a shopper at Marks & Spencers for many years and have seen the ups and downs that have gone with it during this period. I generally do all of my food shopping at Marks & Spencers and have done for over twenty years but as many of you may have noticed that around five years ago the food that was being sold by Marks & Spencers seemed to drop in quality for some reason. I still did my weekly shop at Marks as it is the nearest store to me anyway so I kept the faith and over the past twelve months it has paid off.

The food has now returned to its ultra high standard which is excellent and I now enjoy all of my favourite meals just like I used to. Another key benefit I have always found with Marks & Spencers is that they seem to stock a wide variety of items apart from the obvious food and clothes you would expect which again is very advantageous and stops me having to travel into the city to do my shop. I will always be a loyal customer of Marks & Spencers as I believe they offer the best service and products in the UK.

I hope you can enjoy their service like I have and long live Marks & Spencers

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