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Lucy Smythe

My Apple Review

I’ve recently purchased an iphone5 from the Apple store and this is without a doubt the best mobile phone i’ve ever had, i can’t believe how good it is!

Everything about the iphone5 is extrodanary! The fact you can FaceTime people at anytime anywhere in the world is brilliant! Also the phone itself is exactly the right size to fit in my hand, it has everything i need and more! so so impressed with this mobile phone.

I can surf the web, while on the phone, while texting while listening to music, its just brilliant!
Possibly the best product Apple have made! I would highly recommend this iphone5 to anyone! Not had any problems whatsoever with this phone!


Will Watkins

For years I have always used a laptop to do my work on and as I travel a lot I tend to use my mobile device quite a lot but a friend advised me as I mentioned I was going to upgrade my laptop to try out the new Apple IPad.

I went to his home on a Friday night for a couple of drinks etc and he showed me all of the functions that are included within an IPad. Well I can tell you now I was amazed and I never thought that an IPad could do so much. I then proceeded to order one for myself the next day and have had it now for around three weeks.

I am so impressed with it I thought I would share this review with you all as being in the world of business where I have to give countless presentations and so on I find it is now an essential part of my working day and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a slick and competent mobile device. A+++++

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